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21 January 2016

The Faculty of Medicine (FOM) University of Malaya with the help of Department of Paediatrics, held a memoir session to honour Arwah Professor Dr Fatimah Harun. The event was held on the 12th of January 2016 at 3pm in TJ Danaraj Auditorium. Families, colleagues, classmates, ex-students, students and patients came to pay their last respect. The event was chaired by Professor Dr. Yang Faridah bt Abdul Aziz, Deputy Dean FOM and Prof Lee Way Seah as Head of Department Paediatrics started off with his tribute and followed by a beautiful video montaj which was compiled specially for her.

Prof Atiya Salam came and delivered his speech right after the montaj. He previously served as one of the Professor at Social and Preventive Medicine Department, Faculty of Medicine University Malaya and a very close friend to Arwah Prof. She met/called him a few times before she passed away to give him support and company as soon as she got to know he was diagnosed with cancer. He was overwhelmed with her caring and kind gestures and glad that all of them (her classmates) gathered few months prior to her demise. The next person who was called to deliver the tribute was a long time friend and workmate, Prof Dr Wu Loo Ling. Prof Wu has been her close colleague since both of them are the pioneer of Paediatric Endocrinology in the country. Prof Wu honoured Arwah Prof in her speech and remembered their days setting up the unit and her enthusiasm in teaching. They used to travel together and shared rooms when attending conferences in the past.

Dr. Azriyanti Anuar Zaini as her mentee, spoke on behalf of herself as well as her colleagues. In her tribute, she mentioned Arwah Prof was like a mother to her and many others. Arwah Prof’s caring and motherly approach at work makes her the favourite teacher of all time. She and her colleagues promised to continue to spread Arwah’s effort, teaching and knowledge to others.  Everyone misses Arwah Prof terribly and prays for her in the afterlife. Next was Puan Nurul, mum to Mohd Aiman Mesri. Aiman was Arwah Prof’s patient and she took care of him since he was a baby. Aiman suffered from Neonatal Diabetes and has been under her follow up since he was two weeks old. Puan Nurul delivered a lovely poem and she touched many hearts. She was really grateful to Arwah Prof for taking care of Aiman and will always remember her kind and memorable advice. 

Lastly, Dr Irina bt Effendi-Tenang; daughter to Arwah Prof came up to the stage to gave the final speech. Dr Irina’s humbled and beautiful speech soothes many sobber hearts. She acknowledged everyone who have been working with Arwah Prof, who helped her during resuscitation, who helped to sort out the funeral, who helped to support her and her family during the difficult times and mostly she thanked her extended family members who have been there all the while for them. She thanked the Faculty for organising such elegant event and was proud to be the daughter of the greatest teacher here in UM.

At the end of the event Prof Lee Way Seah announced that the Department and the Faculty will set up an award – A BOOK PRICE for best student in Paediatrics which will be named after Prof Fatimah Harun. Prof Hans Rostenberge represented the Conjoint Board of Masters of Paediatrics also announced that they will be donating an amount of money to set up a RESEARCH FUND under the name of Prof Fatimah Harun. Lastly Prof Adeeba, sobbing in her speech, promised to name the annual award for the BEST CLINICAL TEACHER in the Faculty of Medicine after the name of Arwah Prof Dr Fatimah Harun in honour of her years of excellent service.

Prepared by:

Dr. Azriyanti Anuar Zaini

Please download the report below... 

  arrowReport on Tribute to Arwah Professor Hajjah Fatimah Harun 180116.pdf (English - pdf - 347 Kb)

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