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arrow Free weekly diabetes screening in Sibu
MEMBERS of the public in Sibu have been urged to take advantage of the weekly screening conducted by the Diabetic Association of Malaysia, Sibu branch. The free blood test is conducted during the weekends at the five-foot way in front of Pansar Bhd at Jalan Workshop.
»

arrow Know your rights
Patients’ rights are protected by professional ethics and by statute. THERE are occasions during a person’s life when an interaction with the healthcare delivery system occurs. The reasons vary and they may be physiological, e.g. giving birth, or because of ill health, i.e. medical conditions like heart attack, diabetes, appendicitis, and fractures.
»

arrow Unhealthy living stays despite disease fear - study
LONDON (Reuters Life!) - People across the world continue to smoke, drink and avoid exercise even though they also fear their unhealthy lifestyles will lead to long-term chronic disease, an international study found on Tuesday.
»

arrow Health: Right food for right genes
THE decoding of the human gene make-up (called the Human Genome Project) took 10 years and cost US$3 billion (RM9.2 billion). It was concluded in 2000, depending on what is considered a “complete” human genome sequencing. Gene sequencing costs have been dropped exponentially since the
»

arrow Soft drinks: Go for healthy traditional drink instead Read more: Soft drinks: Go for healthy traditional drink instead
THE amount of soft drinks consumed by Malaysians is increasing daily. According to a recent news report, about 1,000 canned drinks are consumed every minute in Malaysia. Soft drinks contain approximately three to 20 teaspoons of sugar. Most of them are nothing but carbonated, coloured,
»

arrow Top Picks: Foods for diabetics
HAVING diabetes does not mean that you have to stick to a rigid diet. In fact, a diabetic diet is almost the same as that for the healthy. Diabetes does not mean completely cutting out foods containing carbohydrates.
»


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