22 November 2018

On 13th and 14th October 2018, MEMS has supported the hosting of Asian Interchange in Diabetes (AID) meeting in Kuala Lumpur for healthcare professionals, organised by Boehringer-Ingelheim. The theme for AID meeting this time is Optimising Outcomes beyond A1c, in which holistic management of diabetes and its complications were discussed in great details. 190 participants attended the two-day meeting with majority of them coming from Malaysia, some from the Philippines and Singapore.
This meeting was enriched by a faculty that comprised of different specialties from different countries:
• Prof Dr Subodh Verma, Cardiac Surgery, Canada
• Prof Dr Richard Gilbert, Endocrinology, Canada
• Prof Dr Jimmy Teo, Nephrology, Singapore
• A Prof Dr Alexander Tan, Endocrinology, Malaysia
• Prof Dr Rohana Abdul Ghani, Endocrinology, Malaysia
• Dato’ Dr. Tamil Selvan Muthusamy, Cardiology, Malaysia
• Dr Zanariah Hussein, Endocrinology, Malaysia
• Dr Tan Li Ping, Nephrology, Malaysia
The speakers shared insights on development in diabetes managements through discussions on:
• The Asian Diabetes Experience
• Making Sense of Recent CVOTs for the Clinicians
• Protecting your sweetheart: Why is it important?
• The Path to Optimal Outcomes
• Understanding Renal Disease in Type 2 Diabetes: What more can the clinician do?
• How do SGLT2i work: A state of the art lecture on mechanism of action
• Hypertension in type 2 diabetes: What targets shall I be aiming for?
• Clinicality versus Practicality

Most of the participants had found the meeting to be informative; the knowledge gained is useful for their clinical practice. It is our aim to bring more of similar educational events in the future to keep healthcare professionals updated with the latest advancements in the medical field.

Please download the full report below…

  AID Meeting Write-up for MEMS.pdf (English – pdf – 1198 Kb)