27 May 2009

What are Conversation Map™ tools?

• Interactive visual and verbal tools designed to engage people with diabetes in meaningful conversation about diabetes.

• Use a series of images and metaphors, on a .91 m x 1.52 m tabletop visual, and a facilitator’s guide in order to lead 3 to 10 patients in an active discussion.

• Conversation Map tools are created by Healthy Interactions in collaboration with the International Diabetes Federation—Europe.

How are Conversation Map tools different?

• By stimulating the group’s interaction, trained facilitators enable patients to identify facts and myths about diabetes and uncover key information.

• Through this verbal and visual experience, people can better internalise and retain information.

Living With Diabetes

• An overview of diabetes, including what diabetes is, the feelings and emotions surrounding it, and how it can be managed.

How Diabetes Works

• Explores what is actually happening inside the body of a person with diabetes.

• Highlights the complications related to poor diabetes control and reviews how a comprehensive lifestyle and treatment plan can address the disease process.

Healthy Eating and Keeping Active

• Focuses on managing diabetes with a healthy lifestyle, including healthy eating and keeping active. Explores “how to get started”

• Addresses common challenges and barriers people face when trying to implement a healthy lifestyle

For further reading, please download the flyers below…

Lilly_Diabetes Conversation Map (English – pdf – 1437 Kb)