20 November 2018

Hospital Putrajaya, October 20, 2018- The first ever Malaysian Acromegaly Summit, a collaboration between MEMS, Malaysian Acromegaly Society (MyACRO) and Novartis Oncology brought together approximately 180 healthcare professionals, patients and caregivers all under one roof to address the critical unmet needs of this rare disease with the objectives of:
  • To enhance Acromegaly disease awareness among primary care doctors, patients and caregivers
  • To provide medical updates on multidisciplinary approach based clinical management
  • To establish an effective referral mechanism between primary care centers and endocrine centers to enhance early diagnosis
  • Expansion of MyACRO role at state level to strengthen its presence nationwide
Amongst the key highlights are:
  • World Acromegaly Day celebration officiated by YBhg. Dato Dr. Hj Bahari bin Dato’ Tok Muda Hj. Awang Ngah, Director of Medical Development.
  • Launching of Disease Awareness Posters and Educational Video which will be reaching out to more than 900 Klinik Kesihatan across the country to educate public to look out for disease sign and symptoms and to seek medical advice earlier
  • Interactive discussion on Effective Referral Network System with panelists formed by Family Medicine Physicians and Endocrinologists.
  • A patient sharing his long journeys to a correct diagnosis and the impact of Acromegaly to his life.

Please download the full report below…

Acro Summit 20Oct2018 Post Event Writeup.pdf (English – pdf – 973 Kb)